Sell ​​your Faume Parts

Find out how to sell your items in stores and benefit from a voucher usable in store immediately

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 Sandro seconde main
 Sandro seconde main

How it works

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    Step 1

    Take yourself in one of our participating shops
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    2nd step

    After conformation of your appointment, bring the items you want to resell in the store
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    Step 3

    Estimate the values ​​of your items directly at the checkout with one of our qualified sellers
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    Step 4

    Immediately use your voucher in store or keep it to use it later
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How to use your purchase voucher

  • Bon d'achat immédiat

    Une fois votre reprise validée par l'un de nos vendeurs, vous pouvez choisir d'utiliser votre bon d'achat sur place ou bien de le conserver pour un futur achat.
  • Générez votre bon d'achat simplement

    Connectez-vous à votre espace client SANDRO Seconde Main et accèdez à la rubrique « Mes crédits ».
    Choissisez de générer votre bon d’achat utilisable en boutique, en ligne sur ou sur
    Utilisez votre bon d'achat en saissisant votre code promotionel dans votre panier lors de votre prochaine commande ou directement en boutique.
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Trades-in conditions

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Your item must be in perfect condition

Your item must be clean and free of tears, holes or stains.

Your item must not have been altered

Your item must not have been altered and must not be missing any buttons or other items.

We will only take back Sandro items

Your item must contain the brand label and the inner composition and care labels.
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Any questions?

  • How are items reconditioned?

    Each piece available on the Sandro Secondhand website undergoes numerous stages to guarantee its authenticity, condition and cleanliness.

    - Receiving pieces: Customers who have resold a Sandro item they no longer wear will receive a prepaid shipping label. This enables them to send their items free of charge and directly to the French textile reconditioning specialist with whom we work. Product authentication, cleaning, quality control, storage, shipping and returns of Sandro Secondhand items are carried out on site. After the items have been checked and authenticated by our specialists, customers receive a voucher to use on the Sandro Secondhand website, in our physical stores or on

    - Cleaning second-hand pieces: All incoming pieces are sorted according to the kind of washing they require. Cleaning depends on the characteristics of the garment, such as its material, any embellishments, colour, etc. Depending on these criteria, the garments will be cleaned directly by the specialist or sent to the dry cleaner. Delicate pieces are cleaned in separate bags to preserve the quality of the fabric. For cleaning, the specialist uses REACH-certified products from the ECOLAB brand (so they comply with current regulations and legislation), manufactured at the Châlons-en-Champagne production site and ISO 14001-certified (a standard applied to environmental management systems). Depending on the specifics of each piece, they will be machine-dried or dried on hangers.

    - Ironing & quality control: The cleaned and dried pieces are then ironed, and our experts carry out rigorous quality control, including a detailed analysis of the overall condition of the piece and the quality of the fabric, checking the completeness and condition of the buttons, the inside of the pockets, the seams, etc.

    - Possible repairs and refurbishment: Designed to last, most of the pieces we receive are in excellent or very good condition. However, if necessary, certain pieces can be sent for repair in order to offer you pieces of impeccable quality on the Sandro Secondhand website. Our experts carry out minor repairs such as reinforcing buttons, sewing on labels, redoing invisible stitches, etc. The repaired pieces then undergo a second quality check.

    - Photoshoots & Storage: The pieces are now ready to be photographed and uploaded to the Sandro Secondhand website. Pending their second life in your wardrobe, they are stored by our specialists in a dedicated space. le spécialiste.
  • Is the trade-in scheme available abroad?

    Residents of mainland France (including Corsica), Germany, the Netherlands and Spain are eligible for our trade-in scheme :
    - In one of our participating stores or via postal delivery for Metropolitan France (including Corsica).
    - Via postal delivery for Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain.
  • How much will I receive for the items I trade in?

    During your return request, our simulator offers a trade-in value, ranging from 15% to 55% of the original retail price including taxes, depending on the nature of the product and the condition you declare for each item. This value is either approved or may be adjusted by our reconditioning team based on the condition observed by our experts. You will be credited with this amount directly to your account. If our team finds that the products you send us are not functional or fall outside the scope of the return, your account will not be credited.
  • How do I use my credit?

    You can convert all or part of your credit into a voucher. You must indicate whether you want to use it on, in store (excluding concessions) or on After making your credit conversion request, your voucher will be generated within 48 hours. Once your voucher has been generated, it will be valid for 1 year. It cannot be combined with other vouchers or offers and can only be used in a single transaction. Specifics of online Outlet sales: Secondhand vouchers are not valid on Outlet products. Also note that when using a voucher on the e-commerce site, the purchase cannot be made if the amount of the order is equal to 0 €.
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